Thursday, January 20, 2011

My online Course

Well, here I am my last class and the final designing of my online course.  I am presently teaching a very basic format of an online ADN 212 a medical/surgical theory course with a clinical component.  This will be a hybrid or blended course.  The course ADN 212, Essentials of Nursing II will have the theory portion online with the clinical portion face to face in hospital settings.  These are third semester nursing students in a four semester program Associate Degree Nursing Program.  The course will last eight weeks with four hours of designated theory and two 6 hour days of clinical per week. Endocrine disorders, basic cardiac disorders, select respiratory disorders, renal failure, male and female reproductive disorders and sleep disorders will be the topics taught in this course.

Having this course online will be beneficial to our students because most of them are single, working, mothers.  This will allow them to receive an education and enter into a profession, still being able to maintain their family responsibilities.   I feel that having courses offered online as well as face to face offer students options in their academic program.  This I hope will allow students to have a more flexible schedule and be more involved in their learning.

Go to fullsize imageI am also doing this for a selfish reason.  I am looking toward retirement in a few years and hoping to do some online teaching in nursing while I can enjoy retirement.   More and more colleges are going to online teaching and this will also make me more marketable in the future. 

Go to fullsize imageSo, as I begin this last course in this online teaching journey I look forward to the challenge and the excitement of putting digital content to my online courses.  Let’s go Digital!!!!